Chilli Fiesta 2015

It was a Hot! Hot! Hot! weekend

What a weekend! The 20th Anniversary Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens was a resounding success. A record-breaking, bumper 25,000 people came to listen to the fabulous live bands on the main stage, sample lots of chilli foods and enjoy a beer or two.


Sundown at 20th Anniversary Chilli Fiesta

Levi Roots and his 14-piece band were brilliant and had everyone on their feet dancing.

Chilli_Fiesta_2015-6248… and so did the lovely Brendan Cole, with professional dancers Crystal Main and Patrick Helm.

West Dean gardnes Chilli_Fiesta_BrendanCole Salsa Masterclass

Brendan Cole gives a salsa Masterclass at Chilli Fiesta, accompanied by friends Crystal Main and Patrick Helm

As night fell the stage was lit up by The Fontanas

West Dena Gardens 20th Chilli_Fiesta_The Fontanas

The Fontanas light up the stage at Chilli Fiesta

Groupo Lokito, and lots more hot bands


Group Lokito at the 20th Anniversary Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens

… and a good time was had by all.

Chilli_Fiesta_2015-6430 West Dean Gardens 20th Chilli_Fiesta West Dean Gardens 20th Chilli_Fiesta_2015 fancy dressChilli_Fiesta_2015-5033Chilli_Fiesta_2015-6011Chilli_Fiesta_2015-5575Chilli_Fiesta_2015-5974Levi also cooked up some of his favourite Caribbean dishes in the Cookery Theatre alongside Chichester cook Rosemary Moon.


Chichester cook Rosemary Moon acts as sous chef to Levi Roots at West Dean Garden’s Chilli Fiesta

Our very own Shaun the Kitchen Gardener took groups of gardening fans around the Kitchen Gardens, thanks Shaun!

Shaun Hamblen, West Dean Gardens tourAll in all a perfect weekend. See you next year!


West Dean’s award-winning gardens are part of The Edward James Foundation. Charity No. 6689362.

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